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The caterpillar turns into a butterfly.

One can distinguish between two kinds of personal growth: One corresponds more to studying, acquire abilities, gather experience, etc.  The other kind involves a change in our personality, a transformation into a new identity from the caterpillar to the butterfly.  The latter is much harder to influence or to steer – but not impossible!

You want changes in your life and are looking for guidance for this process?  I am at your side.

Not always does one have the possibility or interest in a change; sometimes things should stay the way they are.  In case you have overcome severe turbulence and seek peace then I am happy to support you through talks for stabilization and integration of the new.


My coaching places you as a person into the center and is exactly custom-made for your personality.  This means that I work for you and your situation made to measure, considering you and your situation as a whole.  You will receive responses from me, another point of view on yourself and your request, as well as ideas for the future.  Furthermore you will be shown the next steps which would be helpful to advance.  And these steps we will take together during the coaching process.

During my work with you I use the approach of “Integral Coaching Canada”™.  This is a holistic approach which is effective and sustainable due to the fact that the work is done simultaneously on several plains:  Body, soul, spirit.

It is effective because each single hour is prepared by me extensively and followed up.

It is simple because it is made-to-measure for you.

It solves your problems permanently, because your personality and your situation are being considered and you do not receive a standard solution.

You are understood, because from the start I assess your personality – to be corrected by you if necessary.

The Coaching process is arranged for you with transparency and you can interfere with corrections.  Nothing is pulled over you. You are included in the process.

You receive an orientation because the coaching approach has a theoretic foundation and is therefore not a conglomeration of coincidences.

For all of these reasons coaching will be worth-while for you.

Reinventing Individuals

With this heading I refer to the book by Frederic Laloux, “Reinventing Organizations”.  With this I want to support all those in their personal growth who work in a newly conceived organization or are founding one.  Do you want to be ready for the next step of your organization?  Do you want to take off?

What does the new foundation think of you as an individual person?  This is a strong form of personal growth, a longer process to help you develop a new vision for yourself and to live for the realization of new principles and different opinions, leading a holistic life.  Together we will bring to light what you have in you.  Your past and presence will provide the necessary inspiration to decide what the next steps will look like.

To Change Internally

The human being is a complex creature and tries to keep a balance:  We have our style, our identity and a world view which is part of it, our relationship with others, and many capabilities and areas of competence. It is not easy to keep all of this in balance, but we protect ourselves from tremors. Sometimes, however, we experience disturbances which are too violent.  We do not succeed to fit the irritation (crisis, uncertainty) in one of the patterns known to us. This is the starting point for a change of what we until now were utilizing (rules, tools, explanations…).

If growth is to take place our protections have to be discarded, we must become vulnerable.  Challenges force us to leave known paths and thus we have a possibility for continued growth.  We have to bear discords internally, in order to give up our self-protection and to change. Bearing internal ambivalences, tolerate vulnerability, not using self-control and not striving for fast gratification:  All of this makes it easier for us to allow life, make a change possible and to grow. Before another world view and the new identity belong to our personality the old has to be mourned.  It takes time until a differentiation can take place, until old matters can be discarded and the new can be integrated.  Then once again stability reigns.  This slow great process is necessary when it is a matter of transformation, therefore a change to a new identity.

This may sound rather harsh but it is taking place anyway because life is demanding at times. I accompany, support and strengthen you on your way, in order to make this process easier. You dictate how far the trip will go.


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