The tree trunk keeping everything together

In order to stay with the image of the tree: The tree trunk has collected some experience already and should have grown more than its branches, to have the overview and make the right decisions.  In other words, the development of the personality is of especial importance for the executives, for all those who guide, teach, steer others.  They have influence on people, are sometimes an example, are ahead – and have to guard the overview.  Leadership offers orientation, enthusiasm, connection!  In order for the workday to be successful I offer support to you and your staff.  You have the choice: Coaching, Wellness for my Ego, Training, or Workshops.

Training and Workshops

My training sessions are a diversified mixture of exercises and case examples, short theoretic inputs, discussion, and reflection. The training sessions are developed for you to measure.

Workshops thrive from the themes of your work surroundings.  You obtain a moderator with me who remains context-neutral and guides the talk among many participants – toward a goal elected by the group.

Training sessions and workshops are worthwhile, because

  • Together you are more creative
  • You can learn together and from each other in the group
  • They are effective for you due to my intensive preparation
  • They have lasting effects with consideration of your situation
  • A transformation into the daily life is kept in mind
  • You help shape this process or correct it

Training sessions or workshops for a group of 3-10 participants can take place in my premises in Berlin.

My Personal Leadership Principles

  1. Leadership is the formation of a relationship. By my leadership I demonstrate how I see the relationship between my coworkers.
  2. Leadership to a large extent is experienced through communication. And: You cannot NOT communicate (Or: As your superior I cannot NOT lead)
  3. Communication is a matter of effect. Utterances and actions have an effect on the receiver which may not have anything to do with the intent of the sender.
  4. The effect of the leadership measures has to be seen symbolically. An action is given an additional meaning. The symbolic actions (whether intended or by error) are part of a culture of an organization and demonstrate how to deal for instance with coworkers, colleagues, superiors, or machines, innovative ideas or customers.
  5. The more certain I am about my goals as a superior and the role I want to take with regard to my superiors and coworkers, as well as the resulting scope of action, the better I can communicate this.
  6. The human image and expectations an executive has for his/her coworkers shape the dealings with the coworkers and furthermore shape the attitude of the coworkers.
  7. To be provocative: Every superior has the department he deserves.
  8. Coworkers do not have to be motivated. All one has to do is to get rid of the obstacles at work. And the reason for a work task has to be recognizable.
  9. The superior is the service employer for his coworkers.
  10. People are – sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously – guided by their emotions and do not act rationally. Our mind helps us to rationalize decisions and actions in the aftermath. Emotions are not “worse” than the mind; they are just less popular in our society.

In terms of the leadership seminars I use a quotation by Galilei: You cannot teach a person anything, you can only help him discover it in himself.